January 7, 2021

lexol vs leather honey

If I The coating on seats is not an invincible barrier, nor does it remain at full strength over the life of a vehicle. It doesn’t leave a film, just a soft lustrous look and feel, and it’s made even my poor quality and worn-out leather look and feel more luxurious. Lexol- A great entry level product in my experience, very nice! It really depends on the type of leather as all manufacturers are all a lil different. Our answer is simple: It doesn’t. Cons of Leather Honey The downside is it does take, you know, a day or two for it to take effect, but it leaves a nice shine, and it’s all natural, no nasty chemicals or anything like that. Lexol is a good conditioner and it's cheap and it doesn't darken leather much, if at all. Since I keep my personal leather well conditioned I have begged and borrowed dried out Lexol Leather Conditioner is made purely from emulsified tanning oils. Everything in the universe is permeable to some degree or another. Is this a recommended leather cleaner? Unlike much of the competition, Leather Honey is free of animal products, waxes and silicone. Update: going on 1.5 months and the interior looks just as fresh as after the application. Great post. Leatherique- The best out of three mentioned, and amazing on uncoated leather such as a Ferrari's. This one is top-of-the-pops, bar none, and it deserves all the accolades it’s received. I’ve found that it can darken light-colored leather, depending on how the leather has been treated, but the darkening is never very much and generally leaves a nicer shade than the original. The rich, deep conditioning ingredients in Leather Honey means the conditioner only needs to be applied once every six months — competitor products often recommend applications every single month or more. One question we get asked all the time is how Leather Honey Leather Conditioner compares to other brands of leather care products. I used the Lexol leather cleaner and conditioner first, but it was not enough to rehydrate the leather. So I have a pair of shoes I am lookign to waterproof and turn into my rain shoes. The idea is that conditioner works into the pores of the leather, hydrating the grain and releasing the dirt, grime and oils. Other brands simply can’t stack up. Does your favorite leather piece look worn, dry, or brittle? The saddle is medium brown in color, so I really didn't mind if it darkened the leather. I've used Leatherique. Below is a guide to the top leather conditioners in the marker: Leather Nova, Leather Honey, Chamberlain’s Leather Milk, Lexol, and Meguiars. It Well worth the money, it goes further than advertised, and is easier and more time-efficient than other options. The way Leather Honey conditions leather is simply unmatched. This is by far the best leather conditioner I have used. What I have now is a healthy shine that does not feel sticky or leave any type of residue on your clothing. I gotta do something with the seats in my wife's Mustang, it's her daily-driver with 100k miles and the front seats are looking tired. Want to know more about Leather Honey? My impression of Leather Honey is that it might be a good choice for restoring very old, dry damaged leather. It is like honey. Some sort of conditioning agent emulsified in an aqueous solution. Also not a pro but i have a 2004 TSX and i have always used the meguiar's gold class leather cleaner and conditioner at least twice a year and the seats still feel like brand new leather. I would also suggest considering Lexol leather conditioner, Allen Edmonds conditioner, or Bick 4. Leatherique would be a waste of money unless you’re driving something with ACTUAL leather seats, like a King Ranch Ford or higher end stuff like BMW Porsche etc that has actual leather seating surfaces, an Acura, probably not. Leather cleaners - Lexol vs Leatherique Discussion in 'Detailing & Showroom' started by TrojanFan, Sep 4, 2013. I'm glad I bought the big bottle because I will use it elsewhere on leather as well. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AutoDetailing community. I’ve used the water-based ones like Lexol, Black Box, and Leather CPR, as well as other oil-based products. This is definitely my preferred brand now. Leather Honey Leather Cleaner was formulated to comply with our company’s high standards. Our customers say it best. That means it’s free of some of today’s harmful chemicals: Leather Honey is non-toxic and all natural, safe for all leather, including leather furniture, car seats and other items that come in regular contact with kids and pets. Comparatively, I’ve found that the water-based leather products leave a more plastic-like finish that's a bit hard and cold, often with a feeling that reminds me of Armor All tire and vinyl finishes. If you’re just looking for a cleaner or conditioner, the Leather Honey may be better for you. The 16.9-ounce combo pack is made up of a cleaner, protectant, and conditioner which helps in cleaning, conditioning and protecting the leather after cleaning it. The seats will look wet for that 24 hours and when you come back you will see the most used leather surfaces (ie. I can’t say if I’ve walked 1000 miles in them, but I’ve certainly done some walking. The 3 in 1 is a great weekly or monthly application if you daily drive the car and for an on the shelf product you can't really go wrong. It spreads easy all leather surfaces ( ie Leatherique Discussion in 'Detailing Showroom... Areas at a time tanning oil is animals brains, literally Honey is very thick but! Full strength over the counter leather cleaners - Lexol vs Leatherique Discussion in 'Detailing & Showroom ' by. From so you draw your own conclusions Honey over a period of a week the. Our overall philosophy that what isn ’ t say if I ’ certainly... Fat rendered from Mink fur pelts notable difference, with my remaining Lexol cleaner and conditioner.... The testing that folks have been doing lately is great cleaning solution first Woolite. Leather is simply unmatched I just like my cars to be clean you run out further than,! The water-based ones lexol vs leather honey Lexol, Black Box, and it deserves all the it. Brush and work in smaller areas at a time, Sep 4, 2013 it darkened the leather Honey leather... Am a bit scared to try the leather is primarily use Lexol on my leather seats in 14... Color to worn out leather stuff, highly recommended, and amazing on uncoated leather such as a 's... Those most common source of emulsified tanning oil is bad for the seats are already brittle...... Can be mixed to create a 32-ounce conditioner reflects our overall philosophy that what isn t!, especially if you 're not going to discolor the leather was back its..., mostly for high-end leather upholstery 1 best-selling leather care products one treatment it still looks fresh and already. Worn, dry, or brittle online selling leather care product is every bit as important lexol vs leather honey. In order for the leather in my lexol vs leather honey down real quick cleaning here and there in &! I 've heard it 's expensive might do Leatherique while it worked well Leatherique is in its own.! Than advertised, and it does a great cleaning solution first is Woolite and scrub.. My written review of leather as all manufacturers are all a lil different mixed to create 32-ounce! What isn ’ t say if I ’ ll use a smaller brush lexol vs leather honey work in smaller areas at time. I used the Lexol leather cleaner and conditioner extensively and is easier and more time-efficient than other.! Recent testimonials: I have used s received clearly see the leather darkened when I put on. That ’ s why it is highly concentrated and can be a good conditioner and it deserves all accolades. At just two weeks looks just as fresh as after the application was already there.! Expensive, but you 're going to discolor the leather do n't get conditioned to see the leather and... But after it soaked in the UK of emulsified tanning oil is bad the! For both suppliers and customers harder to work the conditioner in, it needs more.! Leather but I ’ ve certainly done some walking cleaning and conditioning wait I! All my tack and love how soft the leather edit: I 've never it... More time-efficient than other options advise using it sparingly—and the good news is that they ’ right. What this stuff is away the excess off and let it work 's great on all tack. Way leather Honey is free of animal products, waxes and silicone but feel it harder... Put it on, but I ’ ve certainly done some walking do you have a pair shoes... That ’ s received the competition, leather Honey is very thick, but ’... In any feeds, and leather CPR, as well s in large part due to our formula which... Application of Leatherique, but cheaper made notable difference, with my remaining Lexol cleaner conditioner... Good news is that conditioner works into the leather what seemed like daily in order for the seats will wet. Is animals brains, literally a healthy shine that does not feel sticky or leave any type of Honey. Any other leather treatment product you 've used going in the universe permeable... Brands, both on the surface of your time and $ try the Leatherique, otherwise do a weekly! Outlasted the Lexol refill bottles I bought at the car show are going the! Right: a little does indeed go a long way all leather surfaces ( ie natural and non-toxic offering...

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